The Handy Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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The end of summer has come and gone, and with it comes a season of preparation for the colder months ahead. Routine upkeep of your home and appliances is best done before winter weather begins to set in. Follow this fall home maintenance checklist to keep your home comfortable and in top shape this season and the next.

Check These Tasks Off Your List

  • Ensure air can move freely through your home. This means cleaning dust from your ceiling fans, air intakes and baseboard heaters. Keep draperies and furniture away from heating and cooling vents.
  • Look underneath your home for standing water and mold. This is also a good time to check your crawlspace for wildlife and take appropriate action if you find anything lurking there.
  • Examine your exterior. Replace any old or damaged siding, trim or bricks.
  • Schedule a check-up for your heating system and be sure to replace all filters. Check pilot lights and burners, ensuring your home has adequate ventilation.
  • Clean your fireplace flue to prevent buildup of creosote.
  • Check out your roof for any necessary repairs that need to be done to keep it waterproof. Missing or damaged shingles should be replaced, and the mortar around the chimney should be free of damage. Clean your gutters, and make sure they're attached securely.
  • Paint the interior or shampoo your carpet. Warmer weather means you can keep windows open to air out your house during these tasks.
  • Prepare for winter weather by insulating, weatherstripping, and caulking to keep the cold out. Replace old insulation and caulk exterior joints around windows, doors, and vents.
  • Give your emergency generator a quick test. If you happen to lose power this fall or winter, you won't want to be left out in the cold.

Be sure to take advantage of the fall season to prepare your home for the colder weather ahead. Contact Avery Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a check-up for your heater, or with any questions about further fall home maintenance. We have provided the High Country of Western North Carolina with quality service for over 45 years.

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