Ways to Prevent Expensive Repairs on Your HVAC System

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Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced every 1-3 months. By doing this, your system can better purify the air in your home, as well as use less energy which will SAVE YOU MONEY. Not to mention your HVAC system will have a longer lifespan. 


Dust collects on these indoor vents, which can either obstruct airflow or circulate dust throughout your home. By vacuuming these vents occasionally, you're reducing the number of allergens in your home. While cleaning these vents, you should also keep an eye out for weak airflow - that would require an Avery team member to fix ASAP.

Outdoor Unit

There shouldn't be any debris or shrubbery within 2 feet of your outdoor unit. You should also wipe down the unit periodically - you can even use a gentle garden hose for this. Your outdoor unit is just as important as the indoor equipment.


By having us check up on your HVAC system, we can help you save money on energy costs and increase the life of your system. Afterall, around 95% of HVAC repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance visits. Better safe than sorry!

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