Prepping Your HVAC Unit for Storms

storm clouds in the sky

Surge Protector

A lightning strike to your HVAC system can immediately ruin the system. Other times, lightning can cause slower damages that may even accumulate to more expensive repairs. Protect your investment with a surge protector so you can rest easy admist a storm in your area.

Cover Your Unit

Put a tarp or thick canvas over your unit. This will protect your system from hail or windstorm damages. If you are unable to cover your unit, refrain from using it until the storm is over. 

Avoid Using HVAC System During Inclement Weather

During a storm, your unit is at risk for experiencing a power surge that may damage the system irreparably. Think about unplugging your system to eliminate possible electrical damages. You can plug your unit back in after the storm is over - but make sure to examine the system and surrounding areas for any safety issues.

Install HVAC on High Ground

To avoid a potential flood threat, make sure your HVAC system is installed on an elevated surface. Your HVAC technicians should evaluate the typical flood lines in your city and adjust accordingly. 

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